Thursday, June 12, 2014

Tea Party Dilemma: Bergdahl Was One of Them

According to a new article at Wonkette, recently freed P.O.W., Bo Bergdahl, was not some America-hating, jihadist. In fact, he was something of an Ayn Rand devotee.
He also was a big fan of Ayn Rand, and on June 27, 2009, emailed friends a message titled “Who is John Galt,” which included this passage: “I will serve no bandit, nor lair, for i know John Galt, and understand . . .” Bergdahl wrote. “This life is too short to serve those who compromise value, and its ethics. i am done compromising.” Three days later, Bergdahl walked off his post.
Hmmm. The article also points out that Bergdahl may have had some issues with mental illness, and probably should not have been allowed to join the Army in the first place. Either way, it seems highly unlikely that he was some terrorist wannabe. He was a confused and disturbed young person who found himself in a war he was conflicted about (as most of the country is).

Regardless, arguing that he should have been left behind in Afghanistan - as the right has argued - is inappropriate and un-American.

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