Monday, February 11, 2013

Christian Bigots in Indiana Call for "Gay Free" Prom

The extreme anti-gay bigotry among religious conservatives never relents. A group of students and parents from Indiana's Sullivan High School have decided that attending a prom where gay students might actually be present is just too much for their delicate, little Christian hearts to bear. They are demanding a separate, "traditional" prom that specifically bans gays.

The proponents of the gay free prom formed a private Facebook group and have been holding meetings at a Church (to discuss school activities...these righties never quit with the mixing of school and religion).

The worst of the worst representing the gay ban is Special Education teacher, Diana Medley. Medley was asked if gay people have any purpose in life. Her response was, "I don’t. I personally don’t, I’m sorry. I don’t understand it. A gay student, or adult, or person is going to come up and make some change unless they realize it was a choice and I’m choosing God."

And this woman is a teacher?

Hopefully, the school board in this community will not allow the hate-filled rhetoric of Medley lead the way in making any decisions. The bigots are quick to point out that they are calling for a separate prom that is not affiliated with the school, but the lesson they are teaching their kids is disturbing to say the least.

If this precedent is allowed, what is to stop the Diana Medleys of the world from demanding a Jewish free prom, a black person free prom, or a Muslim free prom?

Say it with me, righties: "separation of church and state." It's the sane person's last line of defense from assholes like Diana Medley.

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