Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Freedom of Speech Eliminated in Miami

I'd like to remind the Cuban exile community of Florida that they live in America, and not in Cuba. The Florida Marlins coach, Ozzie Guillen, has been suspended by the team for comments he made in an interview that were deemed "pro-Castro."

He said he "loved" the Cuban dictator and he respected his ability to remain in power for so long. I understand why the Cuban-American community found Guillen's comments repugnant. Castro was an evil sonofabitch back in the day, and ruined many lives. But, at this point, he is a feeble old man who relinquished his power to his younger brother Fredo Raul

The entire world - except for the US - has normalized relations with Cuba, and only America continues its unsuccessful boycott of the tiny island. We remain officially disconnected from Cuba, yet we house Guantanamo Bay Prison there. And despite boycotting Cuba because it has been a communist dictatorship for the last 50+ years, we don't appear to be conflicted at all about trading with the communist nation of China. The same China that murdered millions of its citizens, bans all religion, dictates how many children families are allowed to have, and has oppressed the Tibetan people for god knows how long! Is Castro really worse than the Chinese government? Worse than Chairman Mao?

Of course, he isn't. But that is merely my opinion. And the praise Mr. Guillen heaped on Castro was his opinion. And fortunately for Guillen, he said these comments in America. To an American newspaper. He is allowed to do this in America. We have that freedom here. He apologized for his remarks, yet the Cuban community does not appear to be satisfied. If I were a betting man, I would bet Guillen will be fired by next week...all because he said something unpopular.

This is profoundly un-American. And I could give a shit about the Florida Marlins! I'm a Yankees fan.

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