Saturday, April 7, 2012

Everything In Its Right Place? I Guess So.

Last night's Fringe ("Everything In Its Right Place") was not among the show's best for one main reason. The emphasis was on my absolute least favorite character, Lincoln Lee. It doesn't matter which universe you're in, Lincoln sucks. I've just never liked him.

His character has never really fit the show - at least on "our" side. On the other side, he is a leader in the Fringe division; on "our" side, he is a wimpy, sniveling, boring, dork, local cop who somehow stumbles into a Fringe case and is allowed to remain on the team. His constant whining about the loss of his partner is hard to listen to. I get it. You guys were close. Without Peter in the picture, Lincoln became Olivia's partner and started to crush on her big time.

With Peter back in the picture, Lee has no real role. He knows this, and he knows that he will never get Olivia, either. So, lucky for him, he gets to go over to the other side and work with the alt-version of the woman he seems to love. 

As far as big picture Fringe stuff that happened in "Everything In Its Right Place" - there was some. The other side is starting to heal. In many previously uninhabitable areas, it is now safe to live. Since the two sides began to cooperate, there are fewer and fewer Fringe events on that side. Apparently, this has made the agents from our side heroes over there.

While investigating shape-shifters, the other side's Lincoln is killed. I don't think this was a coincidence. Lincoln wouldn't be involved on our side, at all, if the timeline had not been altered by Peter and that machine. If I remember correctly, he was dead on our side in the old timeline. Now, with Olivia losing her memories of her fake life (the one where she knew Lincoln), what exactly is holding him on our side? The awkwardness of bumping into your double is no longer an issue, and now he has a clear shot at the red-headed Olivia. I say, he stays over there and either becomes an agent or joins up with David Robert Jones. Who knows. 

And who cares. Lincoln Lee sucks.

So, yeah, with virtually no Walter scenes (those are usually the best), this wasn't a favorite episode for me. I'm sure the Lincoln Lee stuff will factor into the overarching storyline in some significant way. I'm just not clamoring to know how.

Better luck next week.

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