Monday, April 16, 2012

Don't Measure Those Drapes, Mittens!

In a shocking, presumptuous, and very premature move, the Willard "Mitt" Romney campaign is already selling access to the future president candidate. For a bribe donation of $50,000, you can now reserve your spot at the Romney "inaugural retreat."

Question. Doesn't Mittens actually have to be elected before there is an inauguration? Or in the new tea party America are elections no longer relevant? Are the Republicans so arrogant as to assume that this election is a given for Romney? Have they seen the polls? The more the American people learn about Mitt Romney, the more they dislike.

I wouldn't get too cocky, Mittens.

Suffice to say that if this were a Democrat doing this, it would be a major scandal all over the media. Yet, so far, this potentially embarrassing and illegal activity has only been mentioned at Buzzfeed, and not in, say, The New York Times or Fox News. Gotta love that "liberal" media, right?

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