Wednesday, April 11, 2012

And You Thought This Guy Could Be President?

As if it wasn't already patently obvious that Newt Gingrich lacks the temperament, discipline, and honesty to be president, now we know that he is so terrible with money that his campaign is bouncing checks for as little as $500. The former speaker's flailing campaign sent the state of Utah a $500 check for the filing fee to appear on its Republican primary ballot. It bounced.

Election officials have called the Gingrich campaign on the number provided on the application and received no response. Remember this the next time you hear Mr. Gingrich lecturing the American people on the economy.

UPDATE: It looks like Gingrich has left a lot of small businesses across the country with an unpaid bill from his campaign. He is currently $4.5 million in debt.


Snave said...

The guy is an absolute narcissistic doofus. Let's hope this failed campaign will be pretty much the last America has to hear of him.

Dave Splash said...

I think he and his 10 delegates still believe they will be playing a major role at the GOP convention. He's in for a rude awakening, and I sense he will take to the media and whine like he usually does.