Monday, February 6, 2012

The Super Dud

Pretty mediocre game last night, I have to say. Very slow until the last few minutes. I'm not a fan of either team, but in last night's game, I preferred the Giants. I was rooting for Eli Manning since he gets so much shit dumped on him for being the younger brother of one of football's greats. Now, however, Eli has two Superbowl rings and Payton only has one. Sounds like Eli is the new Manning top dawg. Good for him.

The commercials were sub-par this year. I can't really remember any one that stood out. Some have said the ad featuring Jerry Seinfeld was good, but I must have missed it. All in all, the advertising business was not well represented in this year's Super Bowl.
As for the halftime show...big thumbs down. When the highlight of the show is M.I.A. going rogue and flipping off the camera, you know you have a less than stellar performance. I've never been a huge Madonna fan, but she does have her moments. Last night was not one of them. She barely danced at all, just slow walked and shook her shoulders, she was clearly lip-syncing, and her song selection was terrible. Madonna is the most successful female artist of the last 30 years, but her choice of tunes barely reflected that.

So, besides all that, how was the Super Bowl?

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