Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sean Hannity Might Be America's Most Dishonest Man

The desperate, baseless, bullshit presented in the video clip below is what passes for political dialogue on the right. The RNC/Tea Party approved "news source" Fox is now contending that Pres. Obama's greatest foreign policy triumph - the killing of Al Qeda leader Osama Bin Laden - was against the wishes of Pres. Obama.
Obviously, this is made up nonsense without a shred of truth behind it. But facts don't really count on Fox News. This is one of many examples of the conservative media attempting to create a false narrative about the President. What I don't understand is why the right is so angry about the death of Bin Laden. Why not celebrate it as a victory for America? Oh, that's right. Because right-wingers are petty and dishonest, and they assume that they are the only real Americans. Remember how Hannity and the Republican Tea Party tried to credit former Pres. Bush with the assassination of Bin Laden? This, despite the action being taken in 2011 (2.5 years into the Obama presidency), and the fact that Bush is on tape in 2002 saying he doesn't care about getting Bin Laden. 

But, to quote Stephen Colbert, "Facts have a well known liberal bias."

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