Monday, January 16, 2012

I Didn't Watch the Golden Globes

Morena Baccarin shames the rest of the stars at the Golden Globes
I didn't watch the Golden Globe awards last night because, frankly, I hate award shows. They're long and boring, and I hate how much yammering the winners do when they get their awards. I appreciate all the hard work that goes into making my favorite movies and TV shows, but the stuff I like rarely wins.

I could potentially enjoy the "red carpet" segment before the show where all the hot movie and TV stars strut their stuff (and their borrowed dresses and jewelry); but I don't give a shit about who designed what dress nor do I care for Joan Rivers' opinion on who looks good and who does not. Frankly, if she looks in the mirror and sees that plastic surgery disaster and thinks that looks good...her opinion is meaningless. 

I would like to point out just one hot actress who really knows how to wear a dress. Morena Baccarin, the Brazilian/Italian star of Showtime's Homeland, shamed any of the other actresses on the red carpet. Face, body, hair, all exceptional; and her show is very good. Her previous shows, Firefly and V, were pretty mediocre. How she does not get more attention is beyond me.

Anyway, the Golden Globes still suck.

UPDATE: gets it. In one of its posts on the Golden Globes, they share this comment regarding Morena Baccarin, "If straight dudes could choose a favorite dress, this would probably be it."

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