Monday, December 5, 2011

A Post About Football

Adult actress Samantha Saint "tebows" in front of the TV
I realized that I have been remiss in postings about the current football season, and about my fantasy team, The Trailer Park Boys. Well, let's dispense with talk about Fantasy Football since my team sucked this year. My boys had a pathetic record of 2-10 in the regular season. I blame Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson's (my #1 draft pick) piss-poor performance for much of my bad season. I did win my first post-season game (in the "consolation" round) yesterday, however, and CJ played a big part in that. I'm hoping to keep winning in the "loser's league" so I end up with an overall record resembling 6-10. That's respectable, I guess.

I am a fan of two NFL teams: Green Bay Packers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Their seasons could not be going in a more opposite direction. The Packers, as I'm sure you already know, are pretty much the cream of the crop in the NFL. No quarterback is as good as Aaron Rodgers, and the Pack stands a pretty great chance of making the Superbowl two years in a row. The only thing that could hold them up is their defense. They are currently 31st (out of 32) in pass yards allowed. That is horrible. And yesterday's game against the NY Giants showed just how bad they can be (WR Victor Cruz, on my fantasy team, caught for 119 yards yesterday). The Packers nearly lost the game; and they almost lost to Tampa Bay a few weeks ago. I'm hoping for an undefeated season for Green Bay, but if the team is going to lose one, I'd rather they did it now than in the playoffs.

Tampa doesn't have to worry about when they will lose as they have done it many times this year. I adopted the Bucs as my team when I moved down to Florida in 2001. It was easy back then because they were quite good. Tony Dungy was the coach, and the team made it to the NFC Championship game. The next season the Bucs won the Superbowl. They have been in decline ever since.

This year, the team has really been struggling with penalties. I think the Bucs are the most penalized team in the NFL. They certainly are the youngest, with only 3 players over the age of 25. The lack of experience and discipline has ravaged the team this year. QB Josh Freeman is a beast -- a truly exceptional player. But he cannot carry the team on his back. The team's passing game is anemic, the running game is inconsistent, and the defense is porous. Fortunately, the guys are all pretty young, as they are going to need more time to improve. A lot more. Coach Raheem Morris (the youngest in the NFL) has another year left on his contract, but rumors of an early dismissal have been circulating. Personally, I think he deserves the additional year to see if all of his young players turn into something great.
The video above is one fan's humorous attempt at sportscasting a Seattle Seahawks game where star RB Marshawn Lynch breaks through the entire defense and scores a touchdown. Wait until about 30 seconds in for the humor to start. After watching it a few times, I bet you'll have a hard time NOT saying "Hold My Dick" every time you hear Lynch's name.

Couple of comments on some other football related topics. First up...Tim Tebow. Everyone seems to have an opinion on the Denver Broncos quarterback. I don't really care for him. I don't think he is a professional level quarterback. Some of you may remember a guy named Eric Crouch. He played college ball for Nebraska, and won the Heisman Trophy in 2001. He was Tebow before there was a Tebow. Crouch, unfortunately, was a washout in the NFL. I think Tebow would be, too, if it weren't for his overt religiosity. 

His kneeling down to pray after every successful play is self righteous and annoying. His writing of bible passages on his person is a lame attempt to get more attention focused on himself. I don't care whether or not his views are sincere (I assume they are), I just don't want to have to know about his religious beliefs. More annoying than Tebow's praying (and if Tebow was Muslim his prayer would be banned from the game, I guarantee) is how non-football or non-Broncos fans embrace him just because of the damn praying! Uggghhhh. I guess it's just a byproduct of the ridiculous over emphasis on religion in America. Tebow's signature move gets a lot of attention, but of all the imitators, I prefer the one at the top of this post with Samantha Saint. But since she is a naughty girl, I bet Tebow would have nothing to do with her. Your loss, buddy.

The video below shows Eric Crouch running 95 yards for a TD against Missouri back in '01. If he were a player now, he might have stood a chance in the NFL. Oh, well...
All right,that is about all I have to say on Football at the moment. Talk soon.

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