Monday, November 14, 2011

NOW with Alex Wagner Premiered Today

Okay, so I just got back from lunch where I watched the DVR'd premiere edition of MSNBC's Now with Alex Wagner. It was decent as far as new, one hour, politically oriented talk shows are concerned. I already like Alex Wagner, so the first hurdle has been passed. 

It was a little odd to see MSNBC evening type programming in mid-day. Alex has a more casual attitude than the average news anchor, and anchors are generally the people on during the day. Wait. I guess I take that back as Dylan Ratigan and Martin Bashir are also on days, and they are not traditional news anchors. Okay, scratch that.

As for the show itself, Alex seemed a bit nervous when it began. Totally understandable, as it's her first ever show. I also wasn't sure her guests (Dan Rather, John Heileman, and a woman from Politico whose name I forgot) really got her sense of humor. I think I did; and I even caught a reference to the Pixies in one of her jokes. Well, if the DC establishment media doesn't get you Alex, you know I do!

Also, whoever picks the music for the ins and outs of the show (not the technical term, I know, give me a break I work in radio) has decent taste. I heard Spoon and The Strokes. For a news show, that is unprecedented. All Chris Hayes plays is that Herman Cain "I Am America" song.

I'm sure the show will be tweaked a bit here and there over the next few weeks and months. Does anyone remember how different Ed Schultz's show was when he first came on? Sheeesh. And when Al Sharpton first started, I wasn't sure he could even read he was so bad. Alex's debut was waaaayyy better than both of those; as her frequent guest spots over the last few months obviously prepared her for being on television and not looking like a dope. One minor complaint...Alex, tell your make-up person to go a little easier on you with that stuff. In hi-def, it's a little too intense.

Nice first show.

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