Saturday, November 5, 2011

Looking For a Safe Investment? Then Buy the New Deer Tick CD

I have been playing the new Deer Tick CD, Divine Providence, virtually non-stop for the last few weeks. When I eventually make my list of the best albums of 2011, I think the choice will be between this and St. Vincent's Strange Mercy for the top spot.

What does Deer Tick sound like? Imagine Paul Westerberg singing for Uncle Tupelo

I know, right?

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Jim Marquis said...

My friends went to the Deer Tick show here in Seattle last night and really had a good time. I bought the new St. Vincent today on your recommendation.

Dave Splash said...

Hope you like it. Both CDs are amazing.

Snave said...

I don't have the St. Vincent yet, but I have the Deer Tick... it is some of the best drunk rock I've ever heard. I have been listening to it a lot too, Dave! When I do my usual "best of the year" CD list around late December, Deer Tick will be on it for sure.

"Divine Providence" is wonderful and fun. It is just my introduction to the band. Dave, what other CDs of theirs are your favorites, or what would you recommend?