Monday, November 14, 2011

Is The Walking Dead My Favorite Show? Very Tough to Decide

Andrea takes guard duty very seriously
I am very close to placing The Walking Dead atop the list of my favorite shows. This would put it ahead of both Dexter and Fringe. It is just too freaking good. 

It used to be that when I got home from my radio show on Sunday nights, I could not sleep unless I watched the new Dexter. I just had to see it that day. The show is still first-rate, and this current season is just starting to take off; but I am finding myself waiting days before watching the newest episode. That is unprecedented for me. Same goes for Fringe. I am liking the new season, but I can easily wait a few days before viewing the current episode.

The Walking Dead storyline is so compelling and unique that I just have to watch it on Sunday nights. I am such a nerd for the show that I even watch the Talking Dead show that AMC has on after the episode to discuss what just happened.
Maggie and Glen head into town
As far as eye candy goes, TWD stepped it up a bit with new character, Maggie (Lauren Cohan). Turns out, the actress who plays Maggie was the hot British chick in the second Van Wilder movie (the terrible one). I remember liking her even though the movie was shit.

There are so many layers to this show. I hate that some view it as simply another zombie show. I am not a zombie show/movie fan, in any way, and I love The Walking Dead. The show is more about surviving a terrible ordeal, and people's ability to re-learn societal rules when society itself is gone. What happens when every thing and everyone you knew no longer exist? Add the flesh eating zombies chasing you into that mix, and you have one helluva show.

If you have been hesitant to check the show out because you are, like me, not a horror or zombie fan, just watch the pilot episode. It's on Netflix, I think. It will grab you. I guarantee it.

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