Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lee Terry "Supports" The Troops

Rep. Terry (R-NE) supports the airlines
Rep. Lee Terry (R-NE), who represents my district in Omaha, has touted his "support" of the troops for many years. This claim, like most made by the Congressman throughout his time in the House of Representatives, is something less than true. Yesterday, Rep. Terry voted against H.R. 2553 which would "...ensure that Airlines cannot charge baggage fees to members of the Armed Forces when they are traveling 'in scheduled air transportation on official military orders' or 'being deployed on or returning from an overseas contingency operation.'"

So, Rep. Terry supports the troops, but thinks they should have to use their own money to transport their baggage when being deployed overseas. It should also be noted that Terry is okay with the troops not being paid for their service, as well. He will vote against raising the federal debt ceiling, thereby ensuring a US default, and opening up the very real possibility that US military troops will not be paid.

According to a recent report from CBS News, the US airlines made approximately $3.4 billion last year from collecting luggage fees. Lee Terry does not want to hurt the bottom line of a big corporate friend, so instead he will hurt military members and their families. Classy.

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