Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another Massive Tea Party Rally

At least 20 million people here on Twitpic
Despite the media's continued fascination with the Republican party's re-branding of its fringe base as the "tea party," the "movement" itself is little more than a few angry, old white people who are unsettled at the idea of a black president. Today, the "movement" held yet another rally in DC to express their hatred of all things Obama. The massive protest numbered in the dozens.


Snave said...

The movement had yet another movement.

I wish the media would stop polishing up the turd by giving it so much press. That only makes it looks nice and shiny and mainstream to too many voters.

Dave Splash said...

Oh, and the biggest lie regarding the tea party is that it is "bi-partisan." It definitely is not, and everyone outside of the media knows this. The tea party is the same, far-right base the Republicans have always had.

Snave said...

Your comment about how the GOP has re-branded its fringe base as "tea party" is pretty much right on.

This just in:

The public's unfavorable opinion of the "tea party" continues to grow. Twice as many disapprove of it as approve of it... and the amount of people who think it has too much influence on the GOP has risen from 27% to 43%. Is Boehner listening, or if he is, can he do something about it? Heh...