Thursday, June 2, 2011

What Will Happen To Taylor Cole?

Now that The Event is over and won't be coming back (mixed feelings on that), what will become of the show's hottest star, Taylor Cole? According to her imdb page, she has a movie in the works, but little else.  The film, Melvin Smarty, is described only as "A profoundly deranged comedy." This does not give me any indication as to what Taylor may be wearing in said film.

Let's get her on a new TV show. Stat!

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Anonymous said...

I think Taylor Cole is getting married this New Years. I am also getting married this New Years. Me and Fran├žois Sagat are getting married at the volcano. It will take me a day to shave him. Mike C from Philadelphia is also getting married this New Years. Wow, what a year for weddings! Taylor Cole wants the margaritaville mixed drink maker and the Fendi Baguette Striped Mink Fur Bag, Multicolor. Francois and Mike want the same items also. Mike C small penis crabs Bravo. By the way the Tfal bread machine makes french bread baguettes. Cliff will not be attending the EvEnT! Big Tony may marry little Tony. Target may try to kill Taylor Cole.