Monday, May 2, 2011

No Additional Commentary Required


Jim Marquis said...

Excellent!! Take that you conservative mouthbreathers.

Dave Splash said...

Except that they have already decided to take this victory away from Obama by claiming - without the slightest sense of embarrassment for lying so much - that it was really Bush who deserves the credit. Naturally, J, you and I know this is bullshit. Check out this video of Bush saying he doesn't care at all about Bin Laden.

I hate the fact that the folks who ignored the warnings about 9/11, abandoned the effort in Afghanistan, and launched a disastrous effort in a country that had nothing to do with 9/11, are now trying to take credit for the Obama Administration and military's success.

Snave said...

Just like they will try to take credit for any economic recovery that takes place during the next 18 months, too! LOL... It sure must be nice for them to have a media arm like FOX for their party/movement/ideology, as that serves to convince millions of people that our president is about as dangerous to our country as Al Qaeda is.

Dave, thank you for the poster, it just about says it all. Independent voters can now look at the moment when Obama produced the birth certificate recently and basically said we don't have time for this kind of silliness, and they can say "Yeah, he was right. That Trump guy is a moron, and so are the Republicans."

The GOP is not gaining enough traction with its economic proposals, as most of what it proposes is too draconian, thanks to the Tea Partiers (a vocal minority to whom they have to kowtow).

The Dems are seen as willing to make cuts but they are not seen as draconian, and they will also now be seen as stronger on national defense than the GOP. Independent voters will start to turn toward the left for 2012. Lot of people on the right realize this, and it is just killing them. So they latch on to whatever silliness they can to try and distract the country from the realization that while Obama may not be everybody's cup of tea, he is actually a pretty good president.