Friday, March 25, 2011

A Vote For Anna Torv For an Emmy

If the people who make the decisions on who should be nominated for an Emmy or a Golden Globe are not considering Fringe's Anna Torv, then their silly awards are meaningless. This season alone, the Australian actress is playing, essentially, three different people. She plays herself, Agent Olivia Dunham, of course; but she also plays the Olivia Dunham from the other universe (whose appearance and attitudes are different), and for the last episode or so, she has been playing Olivia Dunham with the consciousness of William Bell (Leonard Nimoy) trapped inside of her. 

To pull off this latest twist, Torv has convincingly added the mannerisms and speech patterns of Leonard Nimoy into her character. It is both skillful and humorous at the same time. It is skillful, as she has to utilize two different accents for the character. She already uses an excellent and effortless American accent to play Olivia, but now she has to add the mannerisms of a much older (and legendary in sci-fi world) man into the mix. It was humorous, because, well, it's funny to hear a 30 year old woman talk and act like Leonard Nimoy.

Fringe is not for the casual science fiction viewer, I know that. But over the last two seasons, it has proven to be among the best ever in the genre. Hopefully, prejudice against sci-fi will not keep Torv from getting recognized for her excellent work.

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