Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Sound Proposal

Even though the savings is so small as to be nearly non-existent, the Republicans have forged ahead with their "de-fund NPR" bill (without any hearings or the ability of Democrats to offer amendments, something Speaker Boehner promised would never happen). The argument about bias at NPR is laughable, as the network is recognized as among the best in international reporting. Anyway, Rep. James McGovern (D-MA) has proposed a better plan to save a tiny amount of money, and eliminate tax-payer subsidized, biased reporting.

McGovern has proposed a bill to ban any government funding of Fox News through advertising. "Over the past several years, it has become clear that the Fox News channel is wildly biased. They continue to employ a talk show host who called President Obama a racist. They continue to employ several prospective Republican Presidential candidates as 'analysts,' giving them hours and hours of free air time. And their parent company has donated millions to GOP-linked groups. My amendment would prohibit federal funds – taxpayer dollars – from being used for advertising on the partisan, political platform of Fox News."

The amendment failed on a party line vote.

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