Thursday, March 3, 2011

Quote of the Day

"Christians opposed to political and social equality for homosexuals nearly always appeal to the moral injunctions of the Bible, claiming that Scripture, is very clear on the matter and citing verses that support their opinion. They accuse others of perverting and distorting texts contrary to their 'clear' meaning. They do not, however, necessarily see quite as clear a meaning to biblical passages on economic conduct, the burdens of wealth and the sin of greed...Fundamentalists and literalists, the storm troopers of the religious right, are terrified that Scripture, wrongly interpreted, may separate them from their values. That fear stems from their own recognition that their 'values' are not derived from Scripture, as they publicly claim." - Rev. Peter J. Gomes. Rev. Gomes passed away 2/28/11

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Snave said...

Fantastic quote, Dave! Thanks for sharing!