Friday, March 4, 2011

The Event Returns Monday

Sean and Vicky from the pilot of The Event
NBC's sorta "must see," sorta "why am I watching this?" show The Event returns from its hiatus this Monday (March 7). I must admit that I have been anticipating the show's return, even though I am convinced that it will not make it to a second season. The trailers for the upcoming episodes gave away a major new plot point. They raised the question as to whether or not the "aliens" held at Inostranka are in fact aliens, or had they been earth's initial inhabitants who fled thousands of years ago.

No doubt this will be explored further, as will the search for Leila's sister. The power struggle between Sophia and her son, I sense, will become another major feature in the show. But the real mystery is what is the alien drug that Dempsey injects himself with that seems to make him younger. Since the aliens don't appear to age, one must deduce that this chemical is a component to that. How is Dempsey getting his, and why is he so adamant about the rest of the detainees remaining locked up.

The way the show was was fine with me. Sure, there were many occasions where I wondered why I was watching this show; but for the most part, the story got progressively better, and I was finally understanding all the key players. Now, with the hiatus, the show has been "re-tooled" which usually means a dumbing down - or an attempt to take a science fiction show and make it less "sci-fi." It's ideas like that generally spell the end of my watching a show. But, since The Event had some problems with pacing, maybe a change won't be so bad. My guess is, though, that the "re-tooling" will lead to more car chases, explosions, and bikinis. The last one is okay with me so long as Taylor Cole (Vicky) returns to the show. Beyond that, though...

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