Friday, March 25, 2011

Attention Sarah Palin...This Is What Sexism Sounds Like

The former half-term governor of Alaska often tries to deflect criticism of her policy prescriptions and her mindless recitation of talking points by claiming she is the victim of sexism. While she has never cited a legitimate example of this sexism directed at her, she makes the claim constantly. Anyway, for the benefit of Ms. Palin, here is an example of actual sexism directed at powerful women. The offender is Red State blogger/CNN contributor Erick Erickson, and remember that his comments are directed toward the Secretary of State, America's Ambassador to the UN, and the First Lady of the United States.

"By the way, it's the women's fault. … It's, apparently, the women in the Obama administration who have decided we needed to go to war in Libya. … This is typical. This is so typ-- i'm mean, I'm going to bring my inner sexist out I'm afraid tonight, some of you are going to be very upset with me. But this is like women drivers. We're going to war in Libya, we have no plan, we have no map, even if we have a map of war, um, it wasn't going to get read, they were going to pull over and ask the French apparently for help, or at least make the guy pull over and ask the French for help. This is crazy....

This is just silly. I mean, back-seat driving by the women, and they're gonna get Barack Obama lost. What is it with Barack Obama caving to the women? I mean, now we know who rules his personal life. I guess Michelle is firmly in charge as well, if Barack Obama is going to cave that easy to three women in his administration over what to do with Libya....

It took the women to get him involved, and the women apparently went in without a clear plan. No shopping list."

Will Sarah Palin stand up for her sisters? Of course not. Erickson is entitled to his opinion about the current military undertaking in Libya, but he would not use the language and tone exemplified here without deep-seated sexism. These are matters of war, and he is making jokes about women asking for directions? Nice try.

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