Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wisconsin Governor Busted Conspiring With Right Wing Billionaires

Here are two taped conversations between Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and a man pretending to be billionaire right winger David Koch (of Koch Industries, one of the primary financial sources behind the tea party). The Governor's office has confirmed that it is him on the call. In the discussions, the two discuss their plans to break up Wisconsin's unions. This has the potential for a major scandal, and is proof that the Koch Brothers and the GOP are coordinating their efforts.


Unknown said...

thank you sweet man for having the total audio on this fuckwad. I have been hearing bits and pieces of it all day on MSNBC.

Fucking douchenozzle is SO FUCKING BUSTED. ;)

Unknown said...

I almost can't believe how fucking evil this douchenozzle Walker is. I said almost. ;p