Monday, February 28, 2011

Quote of the Day

"Ronald Reagan would probably not recognize the description of Ronald Reagan that is coming out of a lot of the tea party blogs. Ronald Reagan, yes he was very conservative, yes he was a man of principles, and he wouldn’t budge on those principles. But he said something that would be absolutely anathema to many of the tea party people when he said it’s better to get 80 percent of what you want than zero. And Reagan would compromise, Reagan would make deals." -Former Senator Robert Bennett (R-UT)


Darrell Michaels said...

While what Bennett said is true, he is desperately trying to find some way to remain relevant.

His comment is more sour grapes because he lost in the primaries to a conservative this last year.

Bennett was notorious for supporting liberal causes and then tacking back to the right the year before elections. People in Utah finally had enough of this "politician" in all of the worst senses of the word.

He is trying to justify his liberal "compromises" by pointing to Reagan as being guilty of the same thing. Good riddance to Bennett.

Dave Splash said...

I agree he may have "sour grapes" over his loss, but I defy anyone to find an example of Bennett doing anything liberal his entire career in politics. The political right has moved so far to the extreme right that what used to be called conservatism is now tagged as liberal. As a liberal, I reject the idea that 20 year old Republican ideas are liberal.

Darrell Michaels said...

From Bennett's desire for amnesty for illegal aliens to his vote for every damned spending bill that came along, including the stimulus package, he is NOT a conservative.

Snave said...

What Bennett voted on or supported seems beside the point when it comes the truth in his quote. What Bennett is right about is that Reagan WOULD compromise. He WOULD listen to the other side, and he WOULD consider what they had to say. And he was willing to give a little in order to get much of what he wanted.

Unlike the uncompromising types today, who won't compromise, won't listen to the other side, and won't consider what they have to say... under any circumstances.

Dave Splash said...

Snave, the idea of compromise (or even acknowledging that many think differently than they do) is considered sinful by the modern right. They have invested so much time and energy in demonizing anyone with a different opinion that the idea of compromising with someone who they proclaimed is evil becomes impossible. They'd rather get nothing they want than get 80% of what they want. Reagan would be considered a liberal - just like Bennett - if he were on the political scene today.