Monday, February 21, 2011

The New Wonder Woman

Wonder Women: Lynda Carter and Adrianne Palicki
The waiting is finally over. In the new remake of the 1970s series, Wonder Woman, the role of Diana Prince/Wonder Woman has been cast. Despite previous reports of Jessica Biel taking the role, it will actually be played by Adrianne Palicki. Who? Yeah, that was my first question, too.

According to imdb, Palicki has starred on the show Friday Night Lights. Never saw it. She has guest starred on other shows as well, but nothing that really stood out to me. Still, she is attractive; and despite the blonde photo above, in most pics I found of her she is a brunette. I don't think Wonder Woman could be a blonde. It just wouldn't work aesthetically.

Frankly, no one will ever touch the original, Lynda Carter. But if they were really going to re-do the show, I would have chosen Taylor Cole of the canceled (?) show, The Event.
A missed opportunity? Taylor Cole was born to be Wonder Woman
Regardless, every hot female celebrity or actress has, at one point, worn the Wonder Woman outfit on Halloween or whatever. The Smoking Jacket has assembled a decent amount of those pictures here.

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