Friday, February 18, 2011

Another Pleasant, Non-Violent Tea Party Patriot!

I'd have an easier time believing the tea party didn't support the use of violence to achieve its political aims if it didn't keep threatening anyone who disagrees with it. Rep. Betty McCollum (D-MN) has been receiving violent threats from teahadists after she proposed cutting all federal dollars from going to NASCAR.

How odd that a movement that claims its aims are to cut government spending and waste would be so angry when a proposal is made to stop the Pentagon from wasting money sponsoring NASCAR.

The very offensive threats (delivered via fax) can be seen here. At the top of the threat, the note says, "Fighting The Marxist Nigger Thugs Hussein Obama and Eric Holder" (no racism there). It then went on to call the Congresswoman a "slut" and told her to "shut her phucking pie hole" (spelling not corrected by me). McCollum's Chief of Staff, Bill Harper, has said they have received numerous angry and threatening calls in addition to this fax.

"We've heard innumerable times that the Republicans were elected to send a message from the people that we should stop spending money," he said. "And yet the people who sent that message want us to spend $7 million for a sticker on a NASCAR."

Funny how that teabagger logic works, eh?


Darrell Michaels said...

Yep, taxpayer money doesn't need to be spent on NASCAR or any other private business for that matter.

Dave Splash said...

So, that applies to Exxon Mobil and all the other oil and oil services companies? They get subsidies and they also get exemptions from paying oil leases to the government. I'm curious because the right seems to love oil companies and resists any attempt to make them pay what they owe, or to cut all subsidies.

Dave Splash said...

Predictable. The Tea Party Republicans voted down cutting this wasteful spending. So, per the tea party: extending unemployment benefits is wasteful spending, but having the govt. sponsor a car in NASCAR is an appropriate use of tax dollars.

Any many wonder why the GOPTeaParty isn't taken seriously on fiscal matters...