Thursday, January 6, 2011

Republicans Violate the Constitution Same Day as Reading It Aloud

Two Republican members of Congress - Jeff Sessions of Texas and Mike Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania - both violated the US Constitution on the first day of the new Congress. Both members voted in official House proceedings without being sworn in as members of the 112th Congress. This is odd because it occurred the same day that the Constitution was being read aloud on the House floor. In fact, Sessions even read portions of the Constitution on the floor, knowing he had not been present for the swearing in.

After the violation was pointed out to them, both members said that they watched the swearing in proceedings on television and raised their hands. The Constitution does not have any provisions allowing for swearing in via television. Surely, strict constructionists like these two Republicans know that. Both absent members were at a fundraiser instead.

According to Politico, "House officials were searching for a precedent to follow but had not yet found a previous instance of members-elect voting without having taken the constitutionally required oath of office.”

And these two have the gall to lecture others on the Constitution?


Malcolm said...

And the GOP hypocrisy continues! Ed Schultz was talking about this on his show tonight. Well, we know the right-wing media won't be touching this story.

By the way, I found your blog via Dusty's blog (Its my Right to be Left of the Center).

One other thing, your blog header is awesome!

Dave Splash said...

There have been more than a few studies that have shown that Fox News viewers are the least informed among the general public who watch the news. This is an example of a piece of information that they will never hear about. Truth is, this is more of an embarrassment than a serious violation.

But, were the shoe on the other foot, this would be the top story on Fox for night after night with blowhards like Beck and Hannity recommending that the offenders be removed from Congress, and that Nancy Pelosi lose her speakership for "allowing it to happen."

Dave Splash said...

You know, I was watching the swearing in on TV, too. If I had raised my hand while watching it, would I now be a Congressman?

Unknown said...

Morning Dave!

Although the Rethugs will be providing us w/daily humor via their ignorance and still should bother us that these fucks will be 'in charge' of the House. The most we can hope to do is call them out each and every time they screw up something or use a double standard.

Dave Splash said...

And it looks like the new Democratic minority got an injection of spine, as they are refusing to cooperate in a "quick fix" method of rectifying the problem of two non-sworn in members voting in Congress. I hope they utilize every single procedural way to delay and deny the GOP the opportunity to fix their mess.

Unknown said...

Plus, the Blue Dogs aren't running over to the 'other side' in droves either. Tsk..tsk.. ;p

I will check out the link you have provided it sounds delicious and hopefully the D's have found their spine, or that set of nads they left in their other suit for the past two years.

Dave Splash said...

Two years? Hell, with the exception of Obama, Pelosi and a small handful of others, it has been decades since Democrats have shown that they even possess nads. Ha ha.

Unknown said...

Sadly, you are correct Dave. I failed to remember how those ball-less bastards acted during the entire Bush43 administration..even after they won control of Congress in 06.

I am not real happy about Obama hiring so many former Clintonista's. Clinton was the best Pres the Rethugs ever had ya know. ;p

Snave said...

As the economy continues to recover, and as more people are back to work and there is less for voters to be dissatisfied about... the new House is going to have a harder time gaining favor in the court of public opinion. If the best way they know for energizing their base is to get everyone afraid and angry, and there is not as much to be afraid of or angry about, I'd be willing to bet large numbers of these jokers won't be re-elected in 2012.

What they are trying to do right now looks like a sure-fire recipe for steering all those "independent" voters back to the left. Sure, voters elected these new people so they would "fix things", but first they have to be willing to work across the aisle... and if they insist on producing partisan whackjob pipedream legislation without a GOP-controlled Senate to advance it, Obama will never see any of their weirdness on his desk to veto it.

Not only will they be viewed by independent voters as cranky and unwilling to work with others to solve the nation's problems, they will be seen by those who elected them as "do-nothings".

Let them act all high and mighty and enjoy it for a few minutes. Sure, they will make life difficult for Obama for the next couple of years, but hey... his approval rating is back up to 50% today. As life gets better for more Americans, he is going to be tough to beat in 2012.

And he may NOT be the greatest thing since sliced bread, but I sure prefer his brand of bullshit to what we endured for eight years before him. If the alternative is having someone like Palin or Jindal or Gingrich or Cantor or whatever in the White House, I will gladly give Obama my vote. He isn't perfect, but I think he could be lots worse.

As to the GOP House, I say "Bring it on" and be aggressive and overreaching about it. Not that it will get you much of anything except more low approval ratings! 8-)