Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Really, V? Really?

The V's drop their "red rain" on the human population
V's second season premiere episode, "Red Rain," aired last night. It was pretty freakin' ridiculous, even by V standards. The episode began with all of the world waking to "red sky" - a bizarre phenomenon where the sky, all across the globe, appears red. After four complete days of this, and no explanation or even a comment from Anna and the Visitors, the world begins to panic.

Turns out, the red sky is the beginning of the Visitors' attack on humanity. Enraged at the fifth column's attack on her soldier babies, Anna has decided to speed up her plan to take over Earth. While the world is nervous about the sky, the captains of the 29 Visitor ships are nervous about Anna losing control. The captains meet with her in person to express their feelings. Anna decided to give them a lesson in who's the boss rather than listen, and she killed one of the captains with her lizard-like tail (since the V's are really reptilian). The effects were really bad on the tail lashing, and it looked pretty silly.

Shortly thereafter, the red sky turned to red rain, and the public became even more concerned.
The 5th Column studies a V skeleton
There's some other drama with Erica's son and his V girlfriend. Last season it seemed like she was working with fifth column, and she may still be, but based on last night, her status is in question. She gave intel to Erica, but then acted on her mother's wish to seduce Erica's son. It's hard to tell. Ryan's half-breed daughter is being held captive aboard Anna's ship. In an inexplicable move, Anna lets Ryan leave, despite knowing the depth of his betrayal. She believes that through Ryan, she will be able to crush the fifth column, using his daughter as leverage. It seems to me, however, that the leverage is limited as Anna needs the baby, as well.

When Anna breaks her silence about the red sky and rain, she tells the world that is another gift. She says it will end global warming and make barren land fertile again. Erica is unconvinced, and acting on intel from Anna's daughter, she seeks out a scientist who can answer her questions.

Turns out the scientist uncovered a Visitor skeleton many years ago, and has been running tests on it. The tests reveal that the skeleton contains high amounts of phosphorous, which is also present in the red rain. It is determined that in order for the Visitors to breed, a high amount of phosphorous must be present. Erica believes that this is the first stage for an invasion by the V's and a beginning of their attempt to forcibly mate with humans. Then, all of a sudden, Erica remembers that when she was pregnant with her son, her OBGYN told her she had unusually high amounts of phosphorous in her system. Is her son a hybrid baby?

The episode ended with Anna killing the infant soldiers that survived the attack (because they caused her to have an emotional outburst), and making a visit to...her mother. The woman looked familiar, and I read on another site that she was on the original V back in the 80s. I am assuming we'll see more of her next week.

Yeah, based on the premiere, I think we are in for a silly season on V. This episode was pretty bizarre. But because I've invested this much time in it, I think I will try and see it through. It probably won't have a third season.

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