Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Not Sure Why I Even Bother

I am almost at a point where I am considering resetting my DVR to NOT record new episodes of V. Maybe I should have done it a while ago. Who knows. I've had issues with the show pretty much since the first post-pilot episode (the pilot was actually good), but I keep sticking with it hoping for some sort of improvement. My hope has not been realized yet this season.

In "Laid Bare," we find out, for certain, that FBI Agent Malik is a visitor. This, of course, makes her Erica's second partner, in a row, to be a visitor. Sounds like someone high up in the FBI is working for Anna. Not to go off on a tangent here, but does anyone else find it weird that actress Rekha Sharma, who plays Malik - an alien pretending to be an FBI agent - also played a cylon pretending to be a presidential aide on Battlestar Galactica? Weird, right?

Anyway, Malik was uncooperative until the Fifth Column folks began to skin her. Then, she opened up. Ryan, who is a visitor who works for the Fifth Column, even cut off one of her fingers. Ryan's status is still in question since he agreed to work for Anna again to regain custody of his daughter. Yet, he is still acting more like a Fifth Column than a V. While searching through Malik's apartment, he finds her secret files with the names of people the Visitors have been abducting for research. 

The V's want to discover the secret to the human soul. Apparently, if they can discover precisely what it is, then they can extract it, and make humans more amenable to be used for breeding purposes for the V's. At least, I think that's what they're doing. Anna forces Lisa to participate in the torture/soul extraction as a test of her loyalty. She passed, but is still deceiving her mother. Anna's mother, who everyone assumes is dead, warns Anna that Lisa will betray her, much like Anna betrayed her won mother. Anna does not believe it. 

The whole thing with the Priest and the video of him stopping a fight (which when edited properly looks like he's participating) was pretty dumb, and seems an unlikely way to damage his reputation and effectiveness. Still, it was a priority for Anna, and she had help from Erica's son, Tyler, who filmed the event at her request. There is also an issue with Tyler's DNA, as it is missing quite a bit of information. Erica's concern that her son may be an alien could be proven correct. If so, what will she do?

V is getting progressively sillier and harder to watch. What keeps me coming back is the (apparently) misguided belief that V will get better. I guess I'll report more next week to see if anything has changed.

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