Monday, January 17, 2011

Californication Season 4 Episode 2 Re-Cap "Suicide Solution"

Absolutely amazing episode of Californication this week. The episode, "Suicide Solution," has Hank at one of his lowest points.The entirety of what Hank has done to his family has finally sunk in. Despite not intending to hurt anyone (or to sleep with a teenage girl four years ago), Hank has hurt and humiliated the two people he cares about the most - Karen and Becca. Becca has always been able to forgive her Dad for his transgressions in the past, but this one appears to be too much, even for her. Neither she, nor Karen will even speak to him.

Hank has been crashing at the Runkles, but that arrangement is starting to become a problem for Marcy. Hank pleads with her to let him stay, telling her that she and Charlie are the only two friends he has left. Marcy, however, is torn since Karen is her best friend. Eventually, Hank resorts to sleeping in Charlie's office.

Career wise, it is not all doom and gloom. Despite word getting out about his arrest, the studio is still going ahead with the making of the movie of his book. In one humorous scene, Hank and Charlie go to a bar to meet with an actor named Eddie Nero (played by Rob Lowe) who is interested in the part of Hank in the film. Despite being the rude, self-destructive guy that he is, Hank is not able to make him uninterested.
After some heavy duty pleading, Karen relents and allows Hank to see Becca and spend some time with her. She is quite reluctant, but agrees to hang out with her Dad in exchange for some new guitar strings. At the guitar store, Hank is desperate to get Becca to forgive him and is willing to use any means necessary, even bribery. He attempts to buy her an expensive guitar, but his credit card is declined. Humiliated once again, Hank returns Becca home without sufficiently mending their relationship.

Feeling depressed and alone, Hank goes on a bender that involves a lot of alcohol and pills (stolen from the actress playing Mia in the film, by the way). Midway through, Hank starts typing a letter to his daughter that begins to veer into suicide note material. Before he can complete the letter, he passes out on the floor.

We know that Hank won't be dying next week, as Californication has just been renewed for a fifth season and it would be hard to continue the show without its star. But, I assume we will learn exactly what Hank's intentions were. Was he really trying to kill himself or was this an accident? A case could be made either way, if you ask me. Hank was beginning to change a little for the better right before this incident. He turned down the sexual advances of Mia 2.0, and was seriously apologetic to his lawyer for being so late to their appointment. These would be small things for most people, but in the world of Hank Moody, they are pretty big.

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