Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Californication Off To An Interesting Start

New Mia (left), Hank, and original Mia
Showtime's Californication began its fourth season last Sunday. I've been watching the series since the beginning, and have both loved and hated the show at various times. Not sure how this season will go.

When season three ended, Hank (David Duchovny) had his best kept secret revealed - that he slept with Mia when she was only 16 - and his family's reaction was exactly as he had feared. They were repulsed. The fact that Hank did not know who she was, nor that she was underage, was irrelevant. He crossed a line that should not have been crossed, and he knew it. The book he wrote about the incident, which was stolen by Mia and claimed as her own, can now be properly credited. But, in the grand scheme of things in Hank's life, that is of little comfort.
Addison Timlin plays the actress playing Mia in the film of Hank's book
After being bailed out of jail, Hank and Runkle return to Hank's to find out that Karen is packing up her things, and wants nothing to do with him. Hank handles the news in his usual way, he doesn't. His usual charm is wearing thin on those who know and love him. So, Runkle takes Hank to a meeting with the actress who is set to play Mia in the film adaptation of the book, Fucking and Punching. The actress, played by former child star Addison Timlin, looks like a shorter version of Mia, and actually introduces herself to Hank as Mia. Hank was not amused.

The rest of the episode was typical Californication. Hank winds up sleeping with the young starlet, thus complicating both his personal and professional life. At the end of the episode, Hank is taken to jail. He assumes it is because of his assault of a police officer (at the end of last season), but is horrified to learn that it is actually for statutory rape.

I don't see Hank actually going to jail, but to even be charged with a crime like that could do serious damage to his life. It could derail the film of his book, and cause him to be blacklisted in Hollywood. It will be interesting to see whether his family rallies behind him, or whether they remain disgusted by his past behavior. I know Hank's "thing" was Mia was before he knew who she was, and after he was broken up with Karen. But, really, if you had a woman like Karen (Natascha McElhone), why would you even consider looking at another woman?

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