Thursday, December 9, 2010

Westboro Baptist Church Will Protest Elizabeth Edwards' Funeral

The hate-filled assholes of the Westboro Baptist Church have declared that they will be "protesting" the funeral of Elizabeth Edwards. The vehemently anti-gay group has been protesting funerals of US soldiers and politicians for many years, though no one (other than them) seems to understand exactly what their point is.


Unknown said...

They are hate-filled publicity whores dude. Worst kind of pondscum we can imagine.

I firmly believe we should do like germany an outlaw hate speech. Yes, I love the 1st Amend, but hate speech does nothing but instill hate and generate violence. The anti-choice fuckers are the same type of assholes.

Dave Splash said...

Unfortunately, it will never happen. The religious right is too powerful in this country, and they believe in hate speech. Being anti-gay to them is being pro-Christian. Being anti-Muslim to them is being pro-Christian. Etc, etc. You can see where this is going. Religious zealots even oppose anti-bullying measures because they see it as restricting their freedom of religion (the freedom to pummel gay kids in the name of Jesus!).

Hate speech is here to stay. The only speech that gets restricted is liberal political speech. We were shoved into "free speech zones" when W was president, yet wingnuts can bring guns to rallies where Obama speaks and it is their "freedom" to do so.