Friday, November 19, 2010

What Exactly Is the Controversial Part About Katy Perry's Chest?

Katy Perry's chest is causing her all kinds of problems these days. WTF?
It looks like Katy Perry's breasts are causing controversy again. You probably heard about the Sesame Street "incident" a little while back. That time, her cleavage was just a little too awesome for a duet with Elmo on a kids TV show. I'm not a parent myself, but I don't think that most Sesame Street viewers are staring at the cast members' tits. I certainly don't remember doing that when I watched the show. I seem to remember something about a tall bird, and two guys living together as "roommates." Nothing about boobs.

The newest freak-out over pop music's most well-endowed starlet has to with her appearance at VH1's Divas Salute The Troops concert scheduled for December 5. Apparently, Katy's "people" thought her chest was a little too...dominant in the picture being used to promote her appearance. From US Weekly: "'But her team thinks her boobs look too big,' the source says of the newlywed (whose bra size is 34D). Another source confirms: 'It's true. The ads are being redone!'"

Does anyone think the troops would mind? Here are the two pics side by side. The one on the right is apparently the problematic one.
Too much cleavage for the troops?

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