Friday, November 19, 2010

Some People On Twitter Worth Following

I have been on record saying that Twitter is among the stupidest sites in the entire Al Gore-invented internet. It is, literally, making kids dumber, and making things like grammar and spelling appear to be optional in normal communication. Still, there are some interesting people out there using the site, some very funny people, too. And of course there are those who do not, necessarily, fit into either of those categories, yet still have a compelling reason to be followed. Here are three people who I have recently decided to follow:

Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald)
Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald): Glenn is the very liberal columnist for Salon, who got in a very high profile fight with MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell on MSNBC. I have read Glenn's stuff at Salon before, but never felt compelled to see if he was on twitter until that morning dust-up. Hell, I even sent a note to O'Donnell (@Lawrence) telling him that I liked him and his show precisely because he does NOT act the way he did that morning. Regardless of who "won" the debate, O'Donnell invited Glenn to come on his show a few nights later, so they could continue. It was pretty interesting television, as even though both men are decidedly liberal, and both wanted the same result from the midterm elections, they had very different ideas about what should have been done ahead of time. Look for it on Youtube or something.

Typical Tweet from Glenn: "The worst part is we're now going to be subjected to a week's worth of legal scholar Liz Cheney explaining why trials and due process are bad"

Marisa Bella (@MarisaBella88)
Marisa Bella (@MarisaBella88): You probably have a decent idea why I started following Marisa here. Look at her, right? Her twitter "bio" says this: "STANDUP COMEDIAN - Actress - model - musician - singer - writer -  fashion designer. GEMINI." Wow! All of those different things in one person?! In addition, a little birdie told me that she has done "dirty movies" under a different name. How multi-faceted.

Marisa posts a lot of pictures of herself, of her and her dog, and of her and her girlfriend, and most of them are worth checking out. There are also some videos on Youtube of her doing comedy. She definitely has stage presence, I'll tell you that much.

Typical Tweet from Marisa: "Fuck you!!! :) and a fuck fuck youuuuuuu!!"

Nils Bernstein (@MatadorPress)
Nils Bernstein (@MatadorPress):  Nils Bernstein is a (somewhat) famous publicist in the indie music world. He currently works as publicist for Matador Records. In the past, he worked for Sub Pop. For a very long time, Mr. Bernstein has been intimately involved with exposing the world to some very great music. Most all of his postings are music related, and most of those are about the bands he is working with. Fair enough. If I wasn't interested in that music, I probably wouldn't give a shit who their publicist was, right?

I've been listening to the bands on Matador Records for 20 years now, and even attended the label's big 21st birthday party in Las Vegas last October. By following Nils, I am much more in the loop about what is going on with those bands. It's certainly more interesting than reading the rantings of record collection-less twentysomethings at Pitchfork.

Typical Tweet from Nils: "More Corgan: 'As far as a theoretical point of view for my generation, I'm probably the most successful theoretician.' #PavementWins"

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