Monday, November 1, 2010

A Sign For a Particular Wingnut

Not the best sign at the Stewart/Colbert rally, but perfect for wingnut, free0352

By the way, crowd estimates for Saturday's rally are in the 215,000 range. The last Glenn Beck rally (where he "re-claimed" the civil rights movement and "restored honor") drew about 87,000. Just sayin'.


T. Paine said...

Who told you Beck had 87K? Huffpo, Daily Kos? The more accurate estimates range b/t 300 to 450K for Beck. You'll get a clearer idea about this after tomorrow's election results come in, Dave. :)

See below:

Dave Splash said...

Umm...the National Parks Service. And flyover pictures show a crowd size apprx. 60% larger on Saturday than at Beck's last rally.

Typical Glenn Beck...just making shit up.

But, Paine, I thought Beck was "non-political"? He just cares about America, not the Republican Party, right?

That man is such a fraud. I feel sorry for his worshipers.

Dave Splash said...

Paine, that link is comparing a different rally entirely. The "One Nation" rally drew no one. I concede that. It was hastily planned and barely promoted.

Comparing the last Beck rally to Stewart's rally on 10/30/10...Stewart's audience was about 60% larger.

T. Paine said...

My bad; that was indeed the union mandated rally that was so poorly attended.

Frogette said...

I agree with the sign. If you want English to be our official language, learn how to use it!