Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Quote of the Day

“This speaks to a bigger picture here that certainly scares me in terms of our national security policy. But obviously we’ve gotta stand with our North Korean allies.” - Former 1/2 term Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, 11/23/2010


T. Paine said...

Slip of the tongue. Come on Dave.

Or are such mistakes only excused for Obama, like when he "visited 57 states"?

Snave said...

Yes, that probably was a slip of the tongue, because poor Sarah probably has too much other stuff on her mind to stay focused when she is speaking.

We could have some fun revisiting Bushisms, as it seems like he had a lot more of those slip-ups than Obama has had. But Bush is no longer president, so he is irrelevant, right? 8-) How many slip-ups like these HAS Obama had? Seems you like to bring up this one of Obama's more than once (I admit, it is pretty hilarious about 57 states!) but what are some of his others?

I think part of Palin's problem is she is too busy trying to keep her celebrity/"cult of personality" thing going because she desperately wants to be president, and nowadays part of becoming president is all about the personality thing. The right had all kinds of fun with that one when Obama was running for president, and if the Dems have any brains at all they will milk the "celebrity" thing for all it's worth when Palin runs.

Since she has little substance, she is trying to create her own legend by getting her cable show on TLC, being on FOX, etc. Silly stuff like Bristol on the dancing program helps keep the Palins in the public eye, too. What's the saying, "Showing up is half the battle"? For Palin, it seems to the whole battle, that is, doing what she can to keep herself and her family in the public eye. She says she doesn't like the media, but she sure does invite the scrutiny... in fact, she seems to welcome it.

Palin is obviously pretty serious about getting into the White House, so she needs to build up something that looks like a "body of work" as fast as she can, whether it actually increases her substance or not... it is all about image-building. The current media saturation might even help people forget about some things, like the fact that she didn't finish her term as governor of her state.

She is anything but dumb, but she lacks focus to the point that when she speaks, she sometimes sounds pretty dumb. But she knows what she is doing, and I think she has a game plan.

When she talks, I'm guessing she is thinking more about how she looks or sounds than about what she is saying, thus the slip-ups.

I think this problem of hers would fix itself if she decided she wanted to run for president to further the American people instead of for furthering herself and her family. For her, it's all about... her!

Dave Dubya said...

More like Brain Slippage. For someone who reads "all of 'em" she was pretty dense at coming up with one SC decision besides Roe v Wade she disagreed with.

Conservatives react with their lower organ when they think of Palin.

That woman is the pretty face of Fascism. I say that as a non-"Real American".

Dave Splash said...

Yet, Paine, you have attacked Obama multiple times, on this very blog, for the "57" thing and never acknowledged it was a slip of the tongue. You implied he actually believed there were 57 states.

The Palin thing is tricky because McCain campaign boss, Steve Schmidt, said that in Palin's first foreign policy briefing as the VP candidate, she did not know there were two Koreas. He said that.

So, when Palin gets the two confused, one has to wonder if it was a simple misstatement, or if she really didn't know. I think it's a debatable point.