Monday, November 8, 2010

It's Funny Cuz It's True

Think this is a joke? It's not. America, you just put the exact same people back in power who destroyed the economy, gave billionaires tax cuts, practically eliminated all corporate taxes and regulations, sided with BP in the Gulf oil spill, and consider insurance coverage for persons with pre-existing conditions, "welfare."

Thanks a lot. And good luck paying your bills when your job gets outsourced thanks to the US Chamber of Commerce. I sure am happy you "took back" America, I just wish you didn't give it back to the same corporate thieves who practically destroyed it a few years ago.


T. Paine said...

Dave, take a deep breath, buddy.

The T-shirt really isn't true.

Dave Splash said...

Actually, it's scarily accurate. The new Congress represents a radical turn in America. If the Republican Tea Party continues its ascent, America will no longer be recognizable. We will live in a Taliban-like one religion nation, run by fascists and plutocrats. Everything in government will be for the benefit of the top 2%, while the 98% of the rest of us become mere serfs working for our dark corporate overlords.

Thanks, tea party! I appreciate being forced into slavery to Exxon and the Koch Brothers.

T. Paine said...

I have NEVER heard or even found it implied by the Tea Party that they want a "one religion nation". Where DO you get this stuff, Splash?

Further, your argument doesn't hold water. Why would the Tea Party (or anybody for that matter) who are hugely just a part of everyday Americans simply work to improve things for the top 2% only?

Could it be that they think, based on historical and economic facts, that their policies will be good for far more of that 98% of which you speak too?

The class warfare stuff really is silly. It really does remind me of Castro, Chavez, or Stalinist rhetoric. Nobody wants to live in those countries, Dave, besides Sean Penn and Michael Moore... so they say.

Dave Splash said...

Man, I am afraid for you, my friend. All that Glenn Beck you've been watching has blinded you from the truth behind the Republican tea party.

The Republican Tea Party leadership said over the weekend, that it will block and/or filibuster any tax cuts that do not include cuts for those making over $250K a year. If the rich don't get theirs, no one does. So, there is an irrefutable example of how the people you just voted for are selling out 98% of Americans so that 2% can benefit.

I think it's hysterical that defending 98% of Americans is "class warfare" but when the right says the wealthy are more deserving of tax cuts because they are "more productive" somehow that is not. The right is the one engaging in the class warfare, and projecting it onto the other side. Pretty typical behavior for the modern right.

This country used to be a democracy, now it is creeping toward plutocracy. Billionaires like the Koch Brothers are destroying the American dream on a daily basis, and the Glenn Beck worshipers of the world keep cheering it on. It's really quite pathetic. I'd almost feel sorry for the tea partiers if they weren't ruining my life as well as theirs.

And the one religion thing...I don't think you've been paying attention to the rhetoric coming from the religious right. All of their "Christian nation" talk is just step one of their grand indoctrination/proselytizing campaign. Now we hear that anti-bullying measures are somehow "anti-Christian."? The religious right has turned made up victimization into an art form. People like Tony Perkins scare the crap out of me because I know at night he dreams of re-education camps where everyone emerges a smiling happy evangelical.

We have just entered a really dark phase in American history.