Monday, November 22, 2010

Fringe Re-Cap: "The Abducted"

Olivia desperately tries to get to the "other side"
Another first rate Fringe last week with The Abducted. Bottom line is that the jig is up for Agent Dunham in the alternate universe. After a long period denying it to herself, it is now painfully obvious to Olivia that she is not who everyone thinks she is. Everyone except for Walternate and Broyles who know the truth.

After her experience on the other side last time (where she lied to Walternate and said she saw nothing but black), Olivia's new focus is to get herself back over there where she belongs. This realization comes at the perfect time, as Walternate has decided that the Olivia/Alt-Olivia experiment has come to an end. He knew she was lying last time, and therefore cannot be trusted. He informs Broyles that she will be killed tomorrow and Alt-Olivia will be returning soon.
Before that happens, though, the Fringe team needs her for one more case. A man known as "The Candy Man" has been abducting children every two years like clockwork. He keeps each child for 48 hours before returning them. When they are returned, they are generally quite damaged both physically and psychologically. The case is given to Fringe because of the "Peter Bishop Act" which states that all kidnappings are potentially attacks from the other universe and needed to be treated as such.
Olivia talks with Broyles' son, Christopher
The case is even more important because Broyles' son, Christopher, is a former victim. When Olivia suggests re-interviewing Christopher, Broyles erupts. Eventually, though, he is convinced that Christopher can handle it, and he lets her talk to him. This is significant because Broyles knows that Olivia is from the other side, and yet lets her interview his son anyway. 

Thanks to information provided by Christopher, the team is able to finally make progress on finding this child abductor. "The Candy Man" is really two people, and they are taking these children to, in essence, steal their youth from them. Or at least some type of hormone that only children possess. Thanks to the first-rate effort from Olivia, the team captures both men, but not before another attempted abduction of Christopher.

After Christopher is saved, Broyles feels very conflicted about allowing this Olivia to be killed. He sensed that her real identity was beginning to return, but when Olivia told people she was from the FBI (which no longer exists in that universe), he knew for sure. She all but admitted it when asked, and all Broyles did was say, "Good night."
Olivia is dragged back to the other universe kicking and screaming
Olivia's cab driving friend ("Bubbles" from The Wire, by the way) gets her a boat and helps her get to Liberty Island where Walternate's lab is located. She successfully got herself over to the other side using the sensory deprivation tank, but is caught and brought back after only a few minutes. Despite pleading to be let free, Olivia is taken away (presumably to be killed) by military police.

Though she was only over there for a brief time, she was able to convey a message. The trailer for the next episode revealed that the message was delivered. Her message was for Peter and it told the truth about where she was and who was lying right beside Peter. It would seem that the jig is up for that Olivia, as well. Since it will be all but impossible for Olivia to escape on her own, I am guessing that it will be Peter who goes to the other side to retrieve her. I would put money on it that the alternate Broyles ends up helping as well.

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