Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mad Men Season 4, Episode 13 Recap "Tomorrowland"

Joan and Peggy discuss the boys of Mad Men
So, Season Four of Mad Men is officially over. As with most seasons of Mad Men, this one did not necessarily end with a cliffhanger, but there is still quite a bit of mystery as to how things will shake out for next year. And despite Season Four being something of a downer; the season finale, Tomorrowland, ended on a somewhat optimistic note.

Well, first things first. Don Draper is getting remarried. But while some out there might have thought Faye would become the next Mrs. Draper - knowing Don the way we all do - you should have known better. Faye was there for Don in a very difficult time, he confessed to her about his real identity, and she even lost her job because of her professional association with Don. Yet, in the end, it was all for naught, as Don did what most male executives did in 1965. He hooked up with his secretary. And now, he is marrying her.

Despite the online uproar about how terrible a move this is, I have no real issue with it. As I said in my wrap-up last week, I am crushing big-time on Megan anyway. She may be the prettiest woman to ever work on Mad Men, and that is saying a lot, considering how many attractive women have been on the show. And while many thought that Megan's initiation of sex with Don earlier in the season was done for purely career reasons, I don't believe it was. She seems to be just as nice and sweet as her professional persona, and that sweetness is ultimately what got Don.
Don and the future Mrs. Draper
I knew the Faye thing would end as soon as Don invited Megan to travel with him and the kids to California. After Betty abruptly fired the kids' nanny, Carla, in one of her childish fits of rage, Don has no choice but to find someone to travel with him and watch the kids while he is in meetings. Megan had already shown a nurturing quality with Sally when she was at the office, so it seemed like the right choice. Long story short, the combination of Megan's overwhelming attractiveness, nurturing personality, and humility make her too good to be true. Maybe it was the fact that he was holding Anna's wedding ring at the time, but he asked and she said yes, so I guess it's meant to be. It did seem pretty abrupt, though. But now Jessica Paré will be back next season!

Back at the office, Ken and Peggy (expanding her role in the company once again) land a new client for the agency and break the ten week drought it was having since the departure of Lucky Strike. The news is overshadowed by Don's engagement, so Peggy goes to Joan to vent. There has always been a peculiar thing between Peggy and Don, and it's hard to tell exactly what it is. When she heard the news, Peggy had a weird look in her eye. It could have been jealousy, but somehow, I don't think that's what it was. I think that because Peggy knows Don better than almost anyone else, she was sort of disappointed in him. Disappointed because he did what every other executive does - marry their secretary - rather than pursuing a more challenging, modern woman like Faye. 
Betty and Don share one last drink at the house
The season closes with Don and Betty back at their old house, which is now empty. Don tells her about his engagement, and despite already being remarried, Betty does seem more than a little taken aback. Regardless, the two share a nice moment of reflection about the house, and it was good to see the two of them talking rather than yelling at one another. What exactly will Betty's role be in future seasons? Ever since the Draper divorce, she has had a lot less screen time. Her marriage to Henry seems to be going okay from her perspective, but Henry might be having second thoughts. With Don getting remarried, the kids getting older, and Betty's family moving to a new town, what possible reason would we have to ever see Betty in the future?

And what about Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce? I assume now that the losing streak is over, SCDP will be able to recover by next season. But there is still trouble on the horizon with Ken, Pete, and even Roger (What does he do again? Besides drink?). Will Peggy become the first female partner? What about Joan and her baby (which she kept, btw)? Great season. Sorry it's over.

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