Monday, September 27, 2010

Katy Perry Gets Her Revenge On Sesame Street?

In addition to performing as the musical guest on this season's premiere of Saturday Night Live, Katy Perry also acted in a couple of skits. Along with the show's host, Amy Poehler, Katy appeared in a "Bronx Beat" sketch as a neighbor girl who had "blossomed" over the Summer. The sketch was not very funny, but what was funny is Katy's t-shirt.

It is a Sesame Street "Elmo" shirt that she is busting out of! You may recall the news last week that Katy Perry's recent duet with Elmo was shelved after parent's complained about her low cut outfit, so I guess this is her way of making a statement. Or not. I don't look for too much meaning with Katy Perry. I just enjoy the view.

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