Friday, September 17, 2010

It's Always Sunny: Season 6, Ep 1 Re-Cap

Television's crudest comedy, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, is back for its sixth season. The new season premiered last night with the episode, "Mac Fights Gay Marriage." Long-time Sunny fans will be happy to see the return of "The Tranny" Carmen to the show. Mac's sort-of girlfriend from the first season has finally had her operation (snip snip) and bumps into Mac at the gym (where Mac is trying to "get his pump on" with Dennis' gym membership card).

Though Mac is excited to see her, especially now that she is actually a woman, he is angered that he didn't get a call after the operation. He then goes ballistic when she tells him that she is now married. Somewhere in Mac's little brain, he determines that Carmen's husband is gay, and since Carmen used to be a man, that would make this a "gay marriage," and he won't stand for that.

He gets no sympathy from the guys at Paddy's who: a) don't give a crap about gay marriage and b) wonder how the guy could be gay since he waited until after the "snip snip" for the marriage. It was Mac who was with her before, so maybe he's gay, they wondered. Angered, Mac looks for the bar's Bible so he can show the gang how gay marriage is an abomination. However, Paddy's Pub does not have a Bible.

The whole marriage issue makes Dennis reminisce about his old high school girlfriend, so he calls her up and they meet for the first time in 15 years. Dee tags along as she used to have a crush on the girl's brother. When Dee sees that the brother has gained a significant amount of weight, she bails, leaving Dennis to reconnect with his old flame.

Meanwhile, Charlie ponders why he and Frank couldn't get married so he could get on Frank's health insurance. "We're already friends," he says. "Why not be friends with benefits?" After much debate, Frank and Charlie decide that two cool dudes getting married is not at all gay.

The episode wraps with Dennis kicking Mac out of their apartment since he has just gotten married to his old girlfriend. Mac then barges in on Dee who is secretly "entertaining" Dennis's wife's brother.

Overall, it was a pretty decent episode, and sets a good tone for the rest of the season. I don't see Dennis' marriage lasting very long (next episode is titled "Dennis Gets Divorced"), and Mac will be back in the apartment soon. It was good seeing the Tranny again, as she's been gone for a few seasons. Now all we need are the McPoyle's and we're good to go...

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