Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Back in the Day We Used to Call Them Cranks, Now It's Teabagger


T. Paine said...

Thats funny Dave. Too bad that the government, once again, felt it had to protect us from ourselves by MAKING us save some of our money for social security for our retirement. Of course now that social security is going bankrupt due to government incompetence and corruption, maybe they really didn't save us from ourselves after all!

Dave Splash said...

Couple of facts needs to be interjected into your diatribe. First off, Social Security is not, in any way, bankrupt. There is enough money to pay full benefits to all eligible people (without a need to alter anything) until 2037. At that time, there will be more recipients than people putting in to the program, so some minor adjustments will need to made. The scare tactics about Social Security only work on people who don't know better.

The need for the program is undeniable. You clearly have no sense of history if you don't remember the massive number of Seniors thrown into poverty, which necessitated the program in the first place.

But hey, maybe American seniors should have followed the "conservative" plan, and invested Social Security money in the stock market instead. We should allow our grandparents to suffer when the market tanks and loses 40% of its value in one day. Great idea.