Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The War In Iraq Is Finally Over

That picture is of the last of the US combat forces leaving Iraq and entering Kuwait. Technically, the Iraq War is over.

While some of the troops will be heading to Afghanistan, thousands will finally be coming home.


T. Paine said...

Thank God for our troops. I am sure most Iraqi's would agree with that sentiment!

Dave Splash said...

Not sure about "most" but maybe "some."

Foreign policy is supposed to advance the interests of the nation engaging in it. The Iraq War, sadly, did nothing to advance America's interests nor enhance its safety. But, hey, one dictator is dead. I guess that was worth the trillion dollars and all the lives and injuries.

I'm just glad it's finally over.

T. Paine said...

Amazing, Splash.

The Iraqi people now have a chance at determining their own destiny instead of living under tyranny and despotism.

Hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi lives were lost under Saddam's regime.

Your seeming moral equivalence on the issue is sad to me, sir.

In the long run, freedom and liberty were advanced and our national interests were absolutely furthered by the blood and treasure spent.

Dave Splash said...

The war was a mistake. I knew it was wrong before we went. I know that now. The only ones who benefited from the war were the contractors and Iran.

We let Bin Laden and most of the original Al Qeada leadership get away because of an obsession about Iraq on the part of a half dozen or so people. It's still shameful.

So was Iraq more important than stopping Al Qeada and capturing and/or killing Osama Bin Laden? Not to me it isn't, and not to the American people who have long since rendered a verdict on the wisdom of the whole Iraqi ordeal.

But, like I said, I'm glad it's over.