Friday, August 13, 2010

Stewart Nails The GOP On Its Fiscal Fraud


eat me, libs said...

A cunt???

That seems rather shrill, don't you think?

Sarah is a dumbass or idiot, or perhaps an inexperienced fool....but a cunt?

Perhaps the most truthful slogan would be "Sarah Palin is a big threat to the Left and we are very afraid of her!!!"

Keep up the good work Lefties! You can almost count on her replacing Obama in 2012.

Dave Splash said...

Don't be so sensitive there, Eat me Libs. Sounds like you are the type that enjoys name calling.

But, obviously, you're not too bright because though you acknowledge your hero, Sarah Barracuda, is a "dumbass" you still want her to be president.

What is is about right wingers and their love of idiots?

Snave said...

If Sarah Palin replaces Obama in 2012, then I will believe the Mayan calendar is correct.