Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Stephen Colbert Eviscerates Laura Ingraham

I'm fairly certain that conservative pundit Laura Ingraham knows that Stephen Colbert is not really a conservative. He only plays one on TV. But it seems like Ingraham was expecting a typical, Fox News-esque softball interview which would allow her to both bash President Obama and plug her new book. She was wrong. Colbert had her for lunch (and did it with a smile on his face). Enjoy.


Dave Splash said...

And she didn't even see it coming. Colbert is brilliant at that.

Snave said...

Is she playing along with him, or is she just a real doofus? I would go for the latter.

The part about the terrible writing is hilarious. Loved the bit about the ribs. Touche!

She is without a doubt Ichabod Crane's Banshee Widow... LOL!

Dave Splash said...

I know! Have you ever seen a host tell an author to their face that they are a terrible writer?