Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Quote of the Day

"After nearly a decade of war in Iraq, it's been nothing but a blunder. The United States invaded Iraq to make the United States safer, remove weapons of mass destruction, install a friendly government, contain Iran, and improve Iraqi-Israeli relations.


The United States is not at all safer, there never were weapons of mass destruction, whether the government of Iraq is friendly to U.S. interests is debatable, Iran is stronger and more menacing, and to date Iraq still has no peace treaty or embassy in Israel. The surge created the conditions to evacuate --congratulations to U.S. forces on that. The rest of the military exercise has been fraught, unimpressive, and at times morally corrupt.

Combat is over, but it's likely U.S. forces will remain in Iraq at least as long as U.S. forces have remained in Europe (65 years) and Korea (55 years). An utter waste of American treasure, life, morale, and international reputation." - David Biespiel, Attic Writers Workshop


T. Paine said...

Time will indeed tell if what was sacrificied is worth the cost.

I give no thanks to Harry Reid, Pelosi, Kerry, and the other progressives that hemmed, hawed, gave morale comfort to the enemy and undermined their country's efforts. They are all of the same repugnant moral character as that traitorous scum, Jane Fonda.

Dave Splash said...

Whatever. Direct your anger at those who deserve it: George W Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condi Rice, et al. They are the ones responsible for lying us into their war of choice, and they are ones who refused to plan for after the war. They are the ones who failed their country.

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi had nothing to do with the greatest foreign policy mistake in US history.

T. Paine said...

I would agree with you regarding them not having plans after the war.

Reid encouraged the enemy repeatedly, especially with his, "The war is lost!" rhetoric.

Pelosi undermined the war effort in congress and lied about her being present for the CIA briefing on collecting intel from captured terrorists via waterboarding. A crime of perjury that would have at least resulted in censure if it were a Republican that were guilty of the crime.

And I would argue that the greatest foreign policy mistake in US history is a toss up between joining and sponsoring the United Nations, and the election of President Obama.

God knows he has offended our allies, encouraged despots, and made our country decidely less safe with his bowing and world apology tours.

Dave Splash said...

President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Sec Def Rumsfeld lied to the country hundreds, if not thousands, of times about their bogus case for war. THAT alienated nearly all our allies, reduced our standing in the world, depleted our treasury and our credibility, and caused the death or maiming of hundreds of thousands people. They should have been out on trial and jailed.

But the Bushies were rarely, if ever, forced to testify since they just ignored any Congressional subpoena issued them. Behavior like THAT would have you calling for the impeachment of a Democrat, but of course, with Republicans, rules don't apply.

Historians will ultimately recognize what nearly all Americans already know. The Iraq War was based on a lie, did not achieve any of its stated goals, did not make the country any safer, allowed Bin Laden to remain free, and did major harm to our military with the repeated tours.

And just so you know, a US election is not an act of foreign policy. It's pretty explicitly domestic. But in the bizarro world that you righties live in, maybe it isn't.

T. Paine said...

No, a US election is not technically an act of foreign policy; however, by our ignorant populace electing a president that has no interest in conducting foreign policy other than to coddle tryants and apologize to the world for America's perceived wrong doing is indeed a catastrophic foreign policy faux pas.