Monday, August 2, 2010

The New Addition

Say hello to Neko, the newest member of the family. As I referenced last week, the Nebraska Humane Society had an overflow of cats, and was on the verge of having to euthanize some to clear space. Fortunately, the city of Omaha stepped up, and over 100 cats were adopted over the weekend.

I got Neko, a one year old female, last Friday. So far, so good. She's been camped out in the second bedroom of my house for most of the time while she is getting acclimated to her new surroundings. She was a stray that was found roaming around downtown. I don't think the cat was feral, since she seems very socialized and comfortable with people. She probably ran away and got lost. Oh well, their loss is my gain.


T. Paine said...

Cool. Congratulations on the new family member, Splash.

Snave said...

Yes congrats!

We also have a Neko at our house. Our version is a little tuxedo female, kind of shy but really very affectionate, and also a rescue. I guess Neko means "cat" in Japanese and is to be pronounced kind of like "necko", but we pronounce it more like "neeko" (I like that, because of my secret crush on Neko Case! LOL)

Dave Splash said...

I got the name from Neko Case, too.