Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Just Had To Share Some Right Wing Logic

I really needed some other people to see this. In a post regarding the controversy over the Cordoba House Muslim Center in New York over at Major Conflict, I got into a brief altercation with a ridiculous, lying, racist asshole who uses the moniker free0352 (his blog, if you can take all that idiocy in one place is located here). Here are some of the comments in the thread. I am not shocked as I have a long history with this whackjob, but you might be. The comments are unedited, and I did not correct freeboy's spelling (he's sort of slow and has issues with spelling, you'll see):

Dave Splash: When you show me in the Constitution that the First Amendment does not apply to Muslims, then you may have a point. Until then, you are just another in a long line of wingnut bigots.

free0352: I never said they can't build it you idiot, I even said that in my last post.


It's like building a Baptist church next to an abortion clinic whose doc got shot. It's like rubbing your nose in it.

Instead of using GOVERNMENT to stop the mosque, I think my fellow New Yorkers should just not take the contract to build the thing, and the customers of any company that accepts one should fire that company.

Boycotts work better anyway. And for the record dumb ass Muslim isn't a race, it's a religion. You can't be bigoted against it something you choose to be a member of.

Dave Splash: Hands down the stupidest answer you've ever posted freeboy, and that says a lot considering your long legacy of idiocy.

Now explain to me how one cannot be prejudiced against someone based on religion. I seem to remember six million Jews being killed precisely because of their religion. Were they supposed to tell the Nazis, "Hey, I chose to be a Jew and I can just choose not to be now. Don't gas me, please?"

Bigot implies more than prejudice against a race, nimrod.

free0352: Jews are also a race. And I'm not suggesting we gas Muslims. But, being a Muslim is a choice. Being a Jew really isn't one because it's also a race for some jews. That's how come you can have nonobservant jews but you've never heard of nonobservant Christians... or Muslims for that matter. You're a Jew, you understand this, stop missing the point. Okay, how bout this, I'll substitute Hebrew for Jew okay? Now do you get it?

Anyway, when ever you choose any religion you of course choose it chich means you decide to adopt it's teachings, rules, rituals etc. One of the teanants of the Muslim faith for example...happens to be gasing Jews, and opressing women. I don't like that shit. I feel the same way about Muslims opening a mosque 3 blocks from ground zero pretty much the same was as I would about some skinhead freak opening an Aryan Brotherhood Nazi Lo-rider chapter 3 blocks from ground zero. They have a right to do it but that doesen't make it any less fucked up.

Now we all know, Islam and Neo Nazism are just about the same thing... only maybe Islam is worse. Is thier right to be tastelss and offensive Constitutionally protected? Answer: Yes. That goes for Nazis too. Do I have to like that they are abusing thier right by building a temple to a Jew hating woman beating child rapist? Nope. It's the equivilant of opening an Aryan Brotherhood chapter next door to Auschwitz. No one with a schred of decency would do that- and no one with a schred of decency would support it. This guy whose opening this thing is going to use that place if it opens to raze money for Hezbullah and kill a few more of your fellow Jews be they sharing your religion, race, or both. I don't know what's more fucked up here, that you are such a dismal advocate for your own people or that I'm a better one. I guess if this was 1945 and we were in Poland you'd have just got on the box car huh?

Dave Splash: Free, seriously, you are a really disgusting person. Your combination of ignorance and arrogance is astounding. You are everything that is wrong with our society today.

In a way, I think this guy is just playing a character. Kind of like a stupider Archie Bunker for the 21st century. But I can't be sure. He is definitely mentally ill in some way. He flies off the handle on a routine basis, and has threatened me with violence more than once (though just online violence, which is less threatening). What gets me is how he projects his hatred and bigotry onto others, and tries to attack them with it. In the above example, I point out that his contention that someone cannot be bigoted against a religion is baseless and wrong. Factually, wrong. Kind of obvious, actually. Of course you can be prejudiced against a religion, after race it is the second most thing people are prejudiced about! But notice how because I am correct in my point, he attacks me personally. He calls me a "dismal advocate" for Jews, and implies I deserved to be killed in the Holocaust. When did I ever say I was an "advocate" for Jews or anything else? I was born Jewish, but I live as an agnostic. And as for the idea that one cannot be a non-observant Christian...since when? Ever heard of the term lapsed Catholic? Is someone not a Christian because they haven't gone to church in a few months? Or years? I don't think too many Ministers would agree.

Normally, I would let this sort of thing go, as I have on numerous other occasions. But this time, it was different. I felt I needed to make this an example. The comments are some of the most ill-informed and bigoted I have ever read or heard. Supposedly, this guy is in the military and served in Iraq. Is someone who thinks like this suitable for military service in a Muslim country? Apparently so, and maybe that is why the war was such a disaster. Who knows. Oh, wait, it's probably the fault of some liberal.

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