Thursday, July 8, 2010

Yeah, Sounds Pretty Anti-Israel

"Israelis, rightly, look at the past and have skepticism about what’s possible. They see the enmity of neighbors that surround them in a very tough neighborhood. They see a track record of attempts at peace where, even when concessions were made, a deal could not be consummated. They see rockets fired from Gaza or from areas in Lebanon, and say to themselves that the hatreds or history are so deep-seated that change is not possible.

And yet, if you think back to the founding of Israel, there were a lot of people who thought that that wasn’t possible either. And if Herzl or Ben-Gurion were looking at Israel today, they would be astonished at what they saw -- a country that’s vibrant, that is growing economically at a extraordinary pace, that has overcome not just security challenges but also has been able to overcome challenges related to geography. And so that should be a great source of hope," - President Obama to Israeli Television July 7, 2010.


T. Paine said...

With Obama's having many anti-Israeli advisors, his seeming hostility towards Israel, his reaching out if not outright friendliness towards enemies of Israel, and his anti-semetic minister in whos church he sat for twenty years, it is no wonder that many folks question whether Obama is anti-Israeli/anti-Semetic.

That being said, the section of the speech you quoted was very well said. Now lets see what he is quoted as saying to al Jazeera in the next couple of months to a different audience.

Dave Splash said...

First of all, no one wonders if President Obama is anti-Semitic. That is pure right wing hate speech. His top adviser and Chief of Staff are both Jewish, and he received more than 70% of the Jewish vote in the last election. It is patently false to say he is an anti-Semite and it is slanderous to make such baseless charges.

Name for me his "anti-Israel" advisers and show me actual proof of your claim (not merely Glenn Beck style fantasies passed off as fact). You just won't find any. (FYI, showing empathy for the plight of the Palestinians does not make one anti-Israel, so avoid that line of attack, it's not taken seriously in Israel, and shouldn't be here either)

The "friendliness" to Israel's enemies that you claim he shows, what would that be? His defense of Israel in the recent floatilla incident, when the rest of the world, including the UK, France, and Russia all condemned it? His condemnation of Hamas and Hezbollah, his consistent criticism of Iranian "leader" Mahmoud Achmenijad (including the new Israeli approved sanctions), his doubling of troop size in Afghanistan fighting sworn enemies of Israel and the US? Or are you referring to his positive relations with Egypt (which has had a peace treaty with Israel since 1978), Jordan (no hostilities there since 1983), Saudi Arabia (I seem to remember a photo of George W Bush kissing the king on the mouth, funny how no criticism from the right there)?

You guys on the right can't just make shit up and then say "people are saying" ...exactly what I just made up. Facts are required, even for conservatives.

Dave Splash said...

Oh yeah, and his current selection for the Supreme Court is also Jewish. I know of no anti-Semite in history who places Jews into such positions of authority.