Thursday, July 1, 2010

This Is How You Take Down a Teabagger

I'm not really a huge Chris Matthews fan, but once in a while, I appreciate In this clip, he tears apart a clueless teabagger running for Congress in Alabama named Rick Barber. Mr. Barber is clearly wrong about what he is attempting to explain, and Matthews catches him. But, rather than admitting he is wrong, Barber digs in even deeper. The interview is illuminating as it shows the average teabagger knows little more than how to repeat slogans.

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Dave Splash said...

I believe J was calling Mr. Barber a moron there Paine. And he is.

Barber is another in a long line of "tea party preferred" candidates whose loose grasp of the Constitution and history leave them able to do little more than get angry, shout, and recite slogans. But when pressed for specifics, they crumble under the weight of their ignorance.

Chalk one up for Matthews here.

T. Paine said...

Evidently you and Matthews didn't listen to the specific answers that Mr. Barber gave... Funny how I heard them.

CFunk said...

We all heard Mr. Barber -- specifically his inability to answer the questions with anything that made sense.

Not a fan of Matthews, but do give him props for pointing out apparent obfuscation.